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High-tech solution to a common problem

When a battery replacement is performed on a water-resistant watch, the seal is broken and the water-resistance warranty becomes void. Normally, watch owners would have to send their watch into the watch brand’s repair center, wait weeks to get it back and pay a hefty charge.

Each of our stores is equipped with a specialized machine that can reseal watches for water-resistance, allowing customers to have the service done right after we replace their battery — all while they wait. Utilizing the latest technology in all of our stores keeps us cutting edge of the watch repair industry.

We’ve put everything in the Time After Time watch retail and repair franchise opportunity that we know you’ll need to operate a vibrant, stylish and efficient business!

Franchise opportunity by the numbers

The Time After Time franchise program is your chance to get into the consistently stable watch sales and service industry with a mature and growing company. We have distribution agreements with more than 40 watch brands, making our stores destinations for an abundant shopping selection. Franchise owners learn to perform watch repairs right in the store and have the benefit of sending complex repairs to our exclusive TAT Service Center for expert restoration and quick turnaround.

Ticking off the basics of our offering

Time After Time franchise owners will operate a bright, friendly and trendy watch retail store, selling popular wrist watch brands and accessories including watch bands, watch boxes, watch winders, sunglasses and fashion jewelry. The franchise owner will also offer full-service watch repair, including on-site battery, band replacement; band sizing; water resistance testing and sealing; and off-site expert watchmaker services.

With an ideal footprint of about 700 square feet and a low staffing requirement, operations costs are well controlled for Time After Time franchise owners. The owner may begin by operating the store as the central employee, training staff members later to perform services. Alternatively, an owner may elect to employ a full-time store manager. Either way, owners should be prepared to be actively involved in business operations of their retail location or locations.

watch battery replacements per month

watch water-resistance sealings per month

Getting your arms around the watch business

To learn the skills necessary to run a Time After Time store, franchisees will benefit from a training program that incorporates both business operations and basic watch repair. Training will be provided by TAT Founder and CEO Derek Koss and TAT Senior Executive Vice President Lisa Muracco, who collectively bring about 40 years of experience in the watch industry to support franchise owners.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience with watches or the watch industry to invest in the Time After Time franchise opportunity. Franchise owners have a special chance to learn and hone basic watchmaking skills, while learning how to start a watch company. We’ll support you by offering everything you need to know to design and stock your store, hire staff and run a watch retail store with significant potential.

Supporting high volume at our premier locations

Situated in large shopping malls, Time After Time stores see plentiful foot traffic and perform many services and sales transactions daily, so franchise owners must be comfortable working in this high-volume environment. They will greet customers, consult with them on their needs and perform most services right in the store, many times while customers wait.

For more complex repairs and restoration services, franchise owners have exclusive access to the TAT Service Center. Staffed by expert watchmakers, the service center will complete intricate repairs and restoration for a better rate than what franchisees will find with a brand’s service center, and with a much quicker turnaround time.

Income from services contributes to the bulk of our stores’ revenue, with profit margins being much higher than those of watch retail sales. Battery replacements and watch sealings are our top services. Though these are fairly minor services, they provide a near 95% profit margin, and the sheer volume of services we perform drives our bottom line.

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