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Our Story

Starts With a $10 Watch Cart

corporate locations in 2 states

years in business

Although Time After Time founder Derek Koss opened his first in-line watch store in 1994, the TAT story begins a few years before that, in 1991. A college student at the time, Derek opened a seasonal watch cart in a Pennsylvania shopping mall, selling fashion watches for $10. The watch cart didn’t make money at first, but Derek gained something else: firsthand knowledge of what customers wanted. Overwhelmingly, they asked for the most popular watch brands at the time, and they needed watch batteries replaced.

With this informal market analysis in-hand, 24-year-old Derek secured the rights to sell those popular brands. His little cart started turning a profit, so the following year he set up a few more carts, before finally establishing a permanent kiosk in the mall. In 1994, Derek officially opened the first in-line Time After Time store, just as the watch industry saw a surge largely fueled by the popularity of Fossil watches.

Since then, Time After Time has grown to 20 locations, all featuring top watch brands and the same commitment to customer service that has allowed us to expand. Our watch retail and repair franchise program is the next chapter in our story and we’re excited to share our love for the watch industry with investors in our watch business for sale.

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