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At Time After Time, we know watches inside and out. Our experience also extends to business operations and how to start a watch company, especially securing appropriate and advantageous sites for our stores. Franchise owners rely on our help to find the most appropriate store location for their watch repair franchise and to stock it with an assortment of watches and other accessories that will attract the most possible customers in the area.

We understand location, location, location

Location is an incredibly important factor for each Time After Time franchise store we establish, as the site greatly affects its eventual growth. With that in mind, we are closely involved in the site selection process for our franchise outlet locations.

Our modestly sized stores fit perfectly in shopping malls, where they enjoy a constant flow of foot traffic. We love mall settings because they’re climate-controlled and contain creature comforts that keep shoppers lingering longer. Customers might browse for a while, go grab lunch, and then come back to buy a watch.

Mall leases are notoriously difficult to negotiate and obtain, but Time After Time CEO Derek Koss has a long history of successful leasing negotiations with shopping malls and standing relationships with mall leasing agents. He will help franchise owners identify and secure the perfect in-line location for their watch repair franchise store.

How many of the hottest brands can I sell?

In many ways, a franchise store’s location dictates the inventory it will carry. If the store is in an upscale shopping center, or “A” mall, it may be smart to offer several top-tier fashion brands. For a store in a mid-level or “B” mall, the focus should be on more mainstream, trendy brands and styles. Finally, the best franchise location might be a “C” mall where a store could sell affordable brands with a quicker turnover.

Our experienced executive team advises franchisees on the right product mix for their stores. We will also perform a quarterly sales assessment to determine a location’s best sellers and help adjust inventory plans as appropriate. This support removes much of the guesswork from our franchise store operations. Because Time After Time has retail outlets in different markets and settings, we understand the factors that go into identifying an appropriate inventory balance.

Face-to-face business assistance

Upon the opening of a watch repair franchise location, Time After Time will provide a personal business trainer to be with you on-site for assistance. This person’s role will be to supervise your opening, offer additional on-site training as needed and assist you for up to five days. Our goal is to offer you confidence by having an experienced professional at your side as you experience the hustle and bustle of your first few days of watch sales and repair business.

3 tiers of shopping centers to consider

5 days of on-site grand opening support

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