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The most fun part of our business is seeing the incredible colors, styles and features of the thousands of watches we sell, and matching customers up with the perfect one for their fashion sense. Your bright and gleaming store will offer a huge selection of watch brands and styles, far more than what can be found at any one jewelry store or department store. In the Northeast United States, Time After Time is the largest volume retailer for most watch brands carried in our stores — and you can be part of it all!

Time After Time carries 5,000 unique, timeless and fashionable styles from more than 40 popular brands. Our authorized brand retailer list includes:

Your store can retail hundreds of watch styles at any given time, and you can rotate inventory on an ongoing basis, with our product selection guidance, so that you are confident you are offering the most current styles your customers are looking for.

The large number and wide variety of brands you can offer demonstrates the extent of Time After Time’s timepiece expertise and the reach of our industry connections. Retail agreements such as those we possess require years of relationship-building and valuable business transactions, and they are yours to leverage from the very first day!

40+ brands
5,000+ styles
#1 in the Northeast for brands

Time After Time is proud to be a respected member of the watch and jewelry industry, and we hold our brand connections close as one key to evolution and longevity. Our franchise offering provides a rare gateway into the watch retail industry, one connected to a mature and expanding company.

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