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10 Reasons Why Owning a Retail Franchise Makes Sense

Buying a retail franchise can be the right opportunity for the right individual. There are multiple examples of business owners and investors who not only built fortunes working within existing chains, but also managed to significantly impact their respective industries.

Time After Time watch retail and repair offers franchisees looking to expand into the retail industry the chance to join their well-established network through their watch franchise program. Here are 10 reasons why owning a retail franchise could be the right move for you.


1. Receive the right knowledge and training.

The Time After Time support network provides the extensive training for watch retailers and access to repair services in order to ensure they maintain consistent quality for customers.

2. Gain access to better inventory.

Larger chains often have access to better quality merchandise than individual operations with less purchasing power. Time After Time partners with some of the best brands in the watch industry.

3. Find help when you need it.

Working with a franchise enterprise offers access to a network, and Time After Time maintains its own support infrastructure for franchisees.

4. Step into an extensive and consistent market.

One of the keys to a successful new business is choosing the right market, and watches remain consistently in demand. We carry a wide variety of popular named brand watches.

5. Become a pioneer in the watch industry.

Even operating from within a chain, franchisees can become leaders in their industries, and many young entrepreneurs are already doing so from within established franchises.

6. Take advantage of a recognized brand.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of franchising over launching an independent venture is becoming a part of a brand that already has recognition. Time After Time is one of those brands that are known throughout the eastern United States.

7. Use modern technology to reach consumers.

Digital media allows businesses to connect with consumers like never before, and established brands can gain significantly more traction and trust online than unknown entities.

8. Meet a diverse customer base.

The watch industry holds an advantage over others as it seldom relies on limited markets. Time After Time stores serve a wide array of consumers seeking different products.

9. Have both freedom and security.

Franchising can provide the perfect balance for both new entrepreneurs and industry veterans. It allows the autonomy of an independent business but also combines the safety of operating within a far-reaching enterprise.

10. Start with an existing business method that comes from a strong history.

Starting with an existing business model eliminates a considerable amount of risk that usually comes with launching a new business. Time After Time has an established framework and experienced leadership that will directly aid participants of its franchising program.

If becoming a Time After Time watch and repair franchisee makes sense to you, it’s time to take the next step toward owning your own business. Check out our Time After Time watch franchise target markets to see if there is an area you may be interested in or our Franchise FAQ’s page for more information about our franchise.

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